Events Policy

Events & Marketing Policy

Hatching Dragons believes in the importance of ensuring that the nursery functions also as a locus of community activity to ensure that children are aware of the importance of community, society and their place within it. It is part of our Understanding the World programme (EYFS Learning and Development outcome).

The nursery will:

  • Hold regular stay and plays for local families
  • Hold monthly cultural festivals for registered and external families
  • Use online event ticketing platforms (Eventbrite) to track attendees
  • Ensure that all attendees are aware of:
    • The nursery’s health and safety policy on visitor and attendance management
    • The safeguarding policy regarding the use of cameras and mobile phones
    • The requirement to bring formal identification to the event
  • Ensure that the nursery is staffed adequately to ensure that attendees are managed in line with safeguarding procedures
  • A full risk assessment is undertaken ahead of the event and archived in the nursery’s health and safety folder

Personal Data:

The nursery maintains confidential information on its attendees in line with safeguarding procedures. Please see our GDPR Policy for information on how we maintain data

Digital Marketing:

The nurseries use social media to promote its activities and approach to the local community. Parents will be invited to grant permission for the use of photos and digital media in external publications and social media during their registration. Nursery managers are responsible for ensuring that only photos of children whose parents have granted permission for external use are used in digital promotion