Policy: Quality Provision

In this article we explain our approach to maintaining quality it should be read if you conjunction with our leadership and management policy

Quality Provision Policy 

At Hatching Dragons we aim to provide high quality care and education for all children. High quality care leads directly to better outcomes for children and this is what we are all aiming for.

As part of our quality practice we will do the following to ensure children receive the best care and education:

  • Ensure high expectations for children to realise the best outcomes
  • Ensure all staff know what is meant by quality practice and how to deliver it
  • Create a quality vision that all staff can follow
  • Deliver high quality practice and teaching that makes a difference on a daily basis to children’s outcomes.
  • Ensure a solid understanding of the importance of pedagogy and chid development amongst all practitioners
  • Value continuous professional development in all staff and access a variety of training and development to support the needs of the children in the nursery
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training and link to the outcomes for children
  • Ensure all staff are confident in their roles and have the training they need to be able to perform these roles
  • Conduct regular supervision meetings with all team members to ensure all staff are supported to be the best they can be
  • Use peer on peer observations to share, discuss and improve practice across the setting
  • Monitor all practice and feedback ideas for improvement
  • Ensure all planning, observation, assessment and next steps are linked to each individual child’s needs and interests and are evaluated for effectiveness
  • Undertake a quality programme to ensure all quality is embedded throughout the nursery
  • Engage with families and carers and link across the home learning environment and other carers to provide consistency of care and education
  • Operate a robust and embedded evaluation process across the whole setting that includes all parties such as practitioners, children, parents and external partners. We tackle poor performance using our staff procedures to ensure high quality remains forefront at all times.