Policy: Nursery Fee Discounts

Hatching Dragons offers a raft of discount options to help parents alleviate some of the burden of their fees and this policy outlines the key terms for each of the discounts that we have on offer..


Early Bird DiscountReferral discounts | Public sector discounts | Advanced Payment Discount | Sibling Discount | Low Income Household Discount

Early Bird Discounts

With all new nursery launches, we offer an Early Bird discount of 10% off the full fees for the first 20 families who join the community and start within the first month of the school opening. This discount is applicable for the first 6 months of the school’s operations, whereupon full fees resume.

Referral Discounts

We want to build our communities through the good work that we do. And if families recommend us to others that start, we offer them a discount of 5% off their fees for 6 months (or as long as the family is with us, whichever is the shorter) as a thank you. The 5% discount is calculated from the referred families fees, not your own, so if it’s a full time family and you’re only part time, you can secure significant savings! Referred families must notify the nursery of the referee and families can choose the split the benefit between them if they so wish. 

Sibling Discounts

And if you have more than one child joining our community, we’ll provide you with 5% off for each child on an on-going basis, applicable to both children and for the duration that both are in attendance at the school. 

Advanced Payment Discounts

If you’re keen to pay in advance, we also offer discounts for long term commitment:

  • 3 months in advance will see you secure a 2.5% discount
  • 6 months will secure a 5% discount
  • 9 months will secure a 7.5% discount
  • 12 months will secure a 10% discount

Should you choose to serve notice within the advanced fee period, you will have to pay the difference between the fees in full and your discounted arrangement. Advanced payments will be redeemed to you less this outstanding upon confirmation of the termination of your place.

Low Income Household Discount

Hatching Dragons believes in making our schools as inclusive as possible and understand that for many working parents, the first three years of a child’s life, in which they do not receive funding support from the council under the universal benefit of 15-30 hours, is a crucial time for them to remain economically active. Nursery managers have discretion in offering a limited number of places within their schools at cost, under our bursary arrangement, in which full fee paying families subsidise the costs of childcare for those on income support. 

To qualify, families must evidence, on a monthly basis, their income support allowance and their job seekers allowance via email to the school’s manager and financial team to continue to benefit from the discounted arrangements the schools may offer on a case by case basis. Should the families fail to provide adequate evidence to attest to their eligibility to that discount, full fees may be imposed and / or the family may sacrifice their place within the school itself. 

Public Sector Discounts (NHS / Local Government / Government / Charities)

In a bid to pass on our thanks and gratitude to all public sector workers, we offer a sliding scale of discounts based on the gross household income of families who have one or more working in the public sector. The discounts applicable are based on gross household income (both parents - regardless of employment status) and parents will need to submit, each month and at the very least, every term, 3 months of their payslips and proof of income (Bank statements) to attest to their eligibility for the discount on an on-going basis. For those who do qualify, the discounts are as follows:

Gross Household Income (P.A)
































Should families fail to provide payslips and bank statements for both members of the household for the school to calculate the discount applicable, full fees will resume until and if the subsequent month provides sufficient evidence (3 X payslips and bank statement) to prove the eligibility for the discount.

Combining discounts

Discounts do not work in compound. If you are eligible for more than one discount, you will qualify for the larger of the two discounts, but not the combination of the two discounts.

For instance, if you are eligible for a public sector discount and is liquid enough to pay in advance to secure the advanced fee payment discount, you will secure whichever of the higher discounts is applicable not a combination of the two. You will not secure an public sector discount on top of the advanced fee discount, but the advance fee discount, if the higher or the public sector discount, if the higher.